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An Introduction to Cloud Computing

You can think of cloud as renting resources like storage or computational power on some other computer in the same way you rent living space and facilities in someone else’s home where you pay only for what you use.

Don’t have a laptop/desktop that can do all your model training quickly? Just move it to the cloud and use one of the GPU options provided there where you only pay for it based on how long you’ve used it.

Customer Segmentation using K-Means Clustering

Customer segmentation is the process of dividing customers into groups based on common characteristics so that companies can tailor their marketing efforts to various types of audiences.

K-Means Clustering divides your dataset into n clusters such that objects within a cluster are very similar and objects in different clusters are very different from each other. It makes these clusters based on the distance between various points in the dataset.

Is doing Engineering in a local college in India really worth it?

More than 60% of the eight lakh engineers graduating from technical institutions across the country every year remain unemployed, according to the All India Council for Technical Education. So as a parent or as a student you would definitely not only want your son or daughter/yourself to be in the 40% category but also to be among those in the 40% category who get recruited into the top companies around the world.


Broken Hearts of Gold

15 year old Akira Takahashi who lives with his dad and just started high school,decides to muster up the courage to tell his first and only love who’s also his next door neighbor that he’s had feelings for her for as far as he can remember, but Tanaka Michiru declines,saying that she loves someone else.Akira gets curious about who this new person in her life could be. Little does he know that a huge surprise awaits him.

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